Maël is a unique Director, highly attuned to his surroundings, cultured and experienced in working with celebrities. His natural talent for directing actors and his detailed approach to the nuances of human behaviour, are what sets him apart.

Having lived in Africa, Europe and North America, he is able to make use of his rich cultural and artistic influences to deliver stunning directorial visions that are driven by poetic imagery, originality and powerful storytelling. Maël studied Film in Paris and moved to Montreal in 2004, kickstarting his career with TV commercials, documentaries, and music videos. He has been commissioned by Tudor, where he worked with David Beckham and Lady Gaga, as well as other major brands like Shopify, Safia Nolin, Maison Simons, Kijiji and Smarthalo.

Tudor – Drifting Through Time | Commercial
Tudor – Dare the Alps | Commercial
Maison Simons | Commercial
Le Couleur | Music Video