Fabiana is a filmmaker with a modern and unique aesthetic. Her passion for photography started early and with it the habit of capturing visual diaries in analogue format. Naturally this led her to make the leap to moving images and later to filmmaking where she found the right medium to tell stories and get her message across.

In advertising, she created content for brands such as Delta Q, MEO, L’Oréal, Neoblanc, Lisb-ON, among others. With a versatile spirit, Fabiana adapts naturally to brands and agencies, putting her sensitivity and creative energy at the service of stories.

More recently, she took the step into fiction, directing her first TV-movie for RTP “Quando o Diabo Reza”.

Delta Q – Homenagem | Commercial
Neoblanc – Recomece Como Novo | Commercial
MEO – The Waiting/Saving Ring | Branded Mini Doc
L’ORÉAL PARIS – Accord Parfait | Commercial
LISB-ON 2019 – Jardim Sonoro | Commercial