Daniel is a German-Portuguese multi-skilled Film Director and Audio Engineer, focusing on directing and producing branded films, short documentaries and corporate films.

Beginning his career as a Production Sound Mixer and Sound Designer in New York City, Daniel has worked with Nike, Samsung, LinkedIn, Doritos, Everyday Health and Huawei on various commercials, as well as with production companies on television series, award-winning short films and feature films. He studied Film Studies & Music Technology at Kingston University London and completed a one-year Directing Program at the New York Film Academy, graduating with his first short-film Pressure. Using his deep understanding of technical film production aspects, acting methods and narrative storytelling approaches, Daniel has directed and produced films for Peugeot International, Mercedes IO, 77 Diamonds London, Coldwell Banker, Tamea International, and Sherlock among others.

Out Soon

Franco Sarto x Erika Lemay | Commercial
Lavazza | Documentary
Peugeot | Branded Content
Peugeot | Branded Content
Mercedes IO | Commercial
Sherlock | Corporate